The exhibition project Plan Z for international artists is characterised by the fact that the exhibited pieces have a replicable support or are reproducible from digital formats, so that it is not necessary to transport the works and the projects can be mounted even without the artist being present. Furthermore, they are projects of short duration, in some cases, reduced to the opening and that will live on as a collection in this very web page of the Campus of Altea and in a future publication that will comprise all the projects.

The exhibitions take place in El EspaciØ, located in the Palau Altea, exhibition space of the town hall of Altea.

Catalogue Plan Z / 2016-2017 – pdf
Catalogue Plan Z / 2018-2019 – pdf

Daniel Laskarin

University of Victoria (Canada)

Song for My Father

November 9, 2016


Simon Lewandowski

University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Work for Readers and Writers

November 15, 2016


Carl-Erik Engqvist

HUMlab, of the University of Umea (Sweden)

End to Development

November 23, 2016


Emily Hermant

Emily Carr University of Arts + Design (Canadá)

Hesitations (Altea/Vancouver)

November 9, 2017


brook & black

Oxford Brookes & Regent’s University UK

Locations in Time

November 22, 2017


Micael Norberg

Academy of Fine Arts en Umeå (Suecia)

In sociecieties dominated by …

November 29, 2017


David MacWilliam

Emily Carr University of Arts + Design (Canadá)

Thirty Colors for Altea; Trenta colors per Altea

March 21, 2018

David MacWilliam 03

Leigh Bridges

University of Manitoba (Canada)

Energetic Conduits

March 27, 2019

Leigh 03

David Clark

NSCAD University (Canada)

The Copenhagen Interpretation (The Game)

13th of November, 2019

Mitch Mitchel

Concordia University  Montreal, QC (Canada)

Trinity Cantos: 1 Cup, 1 Cup Flour, 1 Cup Rust

19 de Noviembre de 2019

Sean Whalley

University of Regina (Canada)

Girth and Girdle

3rd of December, 2019

Young & Giroux

University of Guelph (Canada)

Rectangles on a sphere

10 th of December