From the Vice Rector of Culture and University Extension with the collaboration of the Department of Arts and the Faculty of Fine Arts a series of calls for scholarships for art production and professionalism have been made available to students and graduates, as well as a selection of exhibition spaces to display their works, projects and / or artwork.

The grant with the name Puenting (“Bungee jumping”) is aimed at Bachelor’s students in the 4th year and Master’s students in Research and Artistic Production to carry out their projects using the facilities of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Altea and display them in

The La Mustang Art Gallery (Elche). Similarly, the grant “Boomerang” offers the workshops of the Faculty of Fine Arts to their graduates students to develop an exhibition project in the university halls (rectorate, Campus Elche, UMH). On the other hand, the grant “Mordida” (“Bite”) offers the possibility of engraving projects and to continue their training by spending time in the CIEC Foundation (Betanzos, Galicia).







The “Bank of Spaces” is a device that allows students and professors of the Faculty of Fine Arts exhibit their works and exhibition projects in many rooms and halls of different municipalities near the Campus in Altea.

Imagen de Banco de Espacios