The Master’s in Project and Research in Art aims to analyse the procedures and methodologies of artistic creation and experimentation, as well as research methodologies in the production and reception of artistic facts, to train students in critical and experimental development of a creative artistic project or research in Fine Arts.

With a workload of 60 ECTS credits and a duration of one academic year full-time, the Master’s degree provides continuity and qualitative progression in artistic training to Bachelor students.

It consolidates and deepens their  acquired skills through specialized learning that enables them to conduct academic research and lets them gain a critical and experimental approach to creation in Fine Arts and Visual Arts in their various disciplinary fields.

Master’s students have an individual space for the development of their work during the academic year with access by electronic card and a broad access schedule.

The Master’s aims to coordinate, integrate and develop the interdisciplinary aspects of artistic production and research, looking at the interrelationship between traditional techniques and new technologies and their inclusion in the cultural industries, encouraging the critical and creative thinking of students.


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