Since the establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Altea in September 1997 that saw its first class of graduates in 2002, many students have taken on higher education on the Campus in Altea. All those who have graduated in the UMH are UMH Alumni and members of the university community. The advantages we offer include: support to employability and contact with peers. Its activities and services can be found here:

From our website we invite UMH Alumni who have studied in our Campus to give statements about their experience and to use our platform to promote themselves as artists and professionals.
Many graduates have managed to fulfil their professional and artistic expectations with the knowledge and experience gained in our Campus. The fields range from Fine Arts and Visual Arts, to other careers and related disciplines using the visual creation: graphic design, digital illustration, concept art, animation … They also work in jobs linked to cultural services or related to cultural heritage and its management, maintenance and restoration, curatorship and management of art galleries. Furthermore, they entered in fields related to arts education such as teachers in public and private educational institutions at primary, secondary and university education levels.

From an open proposal to continuous contributions this section emerges as a platform for professional projection for UMH Alumni at the Campus Altea.

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