I had such a great time in Altea. I came from Germany from a big city with 596 000 inhabitants and a university with 30 000 students. Altea is totally different. I discovered the small town during a few days and was overwhelmed of stunning views and the beautiful atmosphere. In the beginning of September, the weather was still over 30 degrees and I could enjoy some days at the beach.
A few weeks later, the university started and I was confused from all the new stuff I had to learn (first of all, the language!). Everybody at the faculty welcomed me very friendly and helped me with all the questions I had. In my case, I had only two courses and worked the rest of the time for my master thesis. Every week, I had two meetings with José Vicente to talk about my results and to develop the theoretical part of my thesis. It was great for me to get to know a different kind of thinking about art. It opened my mind and convinced me to change the plan of my master thesis completely.

The intimate atmosphere at the university has a lot of advantages. Because of the small number of students in the master, there is a lot of free working space for everyone. I met a lot of different professors and students and had the chance to really get to know them in the five months I stayed there. I learned from everyone not only about their own access to art but also about their different lifestyles, opinions, life experiences etc… In the end, I made some really good friends and learned a lot about myself, too!


Linda Grimmel