Altea is a special and unique place. A small coastal town surrounded by mountains and orange trees, with a beautiful old town to explore and even a beach or two! it was truly a pleasure and a privelege to study here for four months.

The people I have encountered here all have different persononalities and backgrounds, but all seem to be part of one big local community, or one big family. the friendly attitude i received from those i have met seems to be an attitude shared by the whole town. I didn’t get a bad impression from anyone i met in my whole stay. On the contrary, i felt very accepted and welcomed.

And then there is the Fine Arts Faculty, the reason why i came. The faculty gives you the freedom of having a wide range of subjects to be able to choose from. The staff are passionate about their chosen subjects and provide useful feedback and assistence when it is needed. I took three subjects and I can say that I learnt something valuable form each of those subjects, a learning i will be using to inform my own future personal practise. A highlight is the foundry course, a rare (in many places across the world) chance to learn the fascinating process of bronze casting. Not only that, the opportunity to display work in an exhibition at the end of the semester is something i was proud to be a part of.

All in all a great experience, one i will never forget.